Friday, January 31, 2020

Making Iced Coffee and Frappuccinos at Home to Save Money

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My parents are huge coffee drinkers. While I love the smell of coffee, I couldn't quite get over the taste. My first cup of coffee was at my aunt and uncles house (from what I can remember) and was loaded with sugar and creamer. I still wasn't impressed with the taste.

Then came along Starbucks...

As soon as I had my first frappuccino, I knew I was addicted! As you know, Starbucks can get quite expensive so I really wanted a cheaper alternative.

And Keurig was born!

I was so excited to receive a Keurig from my parents as a gift for Christmas! I tried several different coffee pods and finally found a flavor that I loved... Sweet and Creamy by Donut Shop. But, I still had to add more creamer to get the taste I wanted. Plus, they eventually stopped carrying these pods in my local grocery stores.

I was starting to get a bit discouraged when I spotted bottled Starbucks frappuccinos at a local store. Oh my goodness! I was in love all over again! Then, I soon realized... this too was getting a bit expensive.

A few years later my hubby and I were shopping at Sam's and I spotted this beauty!

Cappuccino Mix

All my coffee dreams came true! This mix has it all! It can be a cappuccino, an iced coffee or a frozen coffee. Perfect to fit my mood for the day! Plus, it's super affordable and it lasts quite a while.

This mix can be made using water or milk. I prefer milk for a creamer texture. I would like to try Almond milk and see if it affects the flavor.

For an Iced Coffee, I heat up a bit of milk in the microwave, stir in a scoop of the mix and pour over ice. Simple!

It ends up looking like this...

Iced Coffee

For a Frappuccino, I put a bit of ice in my NutriBullet, pour in a bit of milk, add in a couple scoops of the mix and blend.

It tastes great hot as well! All the instructions for making hot, iced and frozen are right on the label.

If you don't have a local Sam's club, I've also purchased this mix from Walmart and it's available on Amazon as well.

Have you tried making your own iced coffee or frappuccino's at home?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Toxic Family: Taking a Breather

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Toxic Family

With the holidays that recently passed and birthdays and other holidays coming up, I've been reflecting a lot on family. There's been many tears shed from the hurt that has been caused by some family members over the years. It's tough when your birthday, your kids birthdays or you as a person are not acknowledged. Personally, it has made me feel like my kids and I aren't considered part of the family.

When I think about family holidays and gatherings, I envision happiness and fun. Not, negativity and rude comments. When I think about family in general, the first thing that comes to mind is being welcomed with open arms and showing kindness and forgiveness. But, how do you deal with terrible things that are said about you and your children? Or when your children are completely left out?

It's especially hard when the main person that has caused the hurt and pain doesn't even acknowledge it and/or see the damage they've done. Or notice the separation between family members or even how much they've missed out on.

I've come to realize that I need to step away. Keep my distance. My kids are old enough to make their own decisions, but... for me, I have to take a breather. For my own sanity. The Bible teaches us to love and forgive. I can love them and forgive them for their actions and words... from a distance.

The hardest part for me is that I don't even know what I did so wrong to be treated this way. How can I fix this? I hope and pray that I never make someone feel the way my children or I have. Maybe I just need some time. To heal.

I understand that family is family. You can't necessarily choose them and sometimes you have to deal with being treated certain ways, but when is enough... enough? Maybe God keeps certain people in our lives at a distance for a reason.

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends, but I've even had to cut my time down because it's painful to see family interacting with other family members and completely ignoring you. I know that I may sound overly emotional... maybe I am... but to be completely honest... it's hurtful.

I avoided writing this for quite a while because I want this to be a happy place. But... I thought maybe someone else is going through the same thing and needs to know that they're not alone. And... it's ok to take step back. There are many Bible verses on toxic relationships and I'm going to be reading up on those. Also, there are a few books that I found on Amazon that I would like to read as well such as Boundaries, When to Walk Away and The Christian's Guide to No Contact that may be helpful.

Have you had to deal with toxic people in your life that are very close to you? How did you deal with it? Have you taken a step back? Have you just limited the time you spend around them?

Monday, December 30, 2019

Looking Forward to 2020

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Dust Bunnies and Tabby Tales Daily Life

2019 has been something else. My family has had may ups and downs. My daughter finished her first semester of her bachelor's degree and made the Dean's List! She also had testing to receive her manager's certificate for her job... which is awesome! We had a water leak that took about 2 months to get fixed... we will know for sure on our next water bill. My dad had his 3rd knee replacement surgery. There's been job happenings. Parts on vehicles needing to be fixed. Many other things and all the holidays.

I'm definitely looking forward to 2020. Scared... but ready.

While we're waiting on 2020, I wanted to share a few pics with you...

Morris got one of his Christmas presents early and I would say.... he's quite happy with it.

Morris' Christmas Gift

I think he was pretty happy with his delivery from Chewy as well!

Morris' Delivery from Chewy

But then... I got up for 2 seconds and he stole my chair...

Cozy Morris

Decided he should get on the kitchen counter until I fed him...

Morris Being Trouble

And randomly stare at the wall to freak me out...

Morris Randomly Staring

I've only been stitching about once a week and I'm hoping to make more time to stitch. But, here is an update on my current project. It's called Kitten in the Window by Dimensions.

Kitten in the Window Dimensions Cross Stitch

I hope you have have a great ending to 2019 and beginning of 2020!!
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