Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Spice Cabinet Clean Out - Before and After

Nothing like trying to grab garlic powder out of your cabinet and about 10 other seasonings come falling out at you trying to whack you in the head. It was time to clean out our spice cabinet and no better day than today to take care of that. Come along with me....

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Here is the before...


Yikes! You never realize how much stuff is crammed in one cabinet until you pull all of it out, huh?


Of course, I couldn't take care of this organization task without my trusty helper.


He knows he is in trouble, but once again... he doesn't care.


You see him sticking his tongue out at me? How rude!

And here is the after...


I had to throw out about 5 seasonings plus a large bottle of vanilla extract which made me really sad. And I moved the plastic containers that hold my K-Cups into the pantry. If you are looking for an organizer for your spice cabinet, I use a 3-tier one similar to this one on Amazon.

It looks much better! Don't you think?

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