Friday, January 29, 2016

Thankful for the Untidiness

Daily Life - Homemaking

I'm sure you know the feeling of cleaning your home and you turn around then... dirty dishes appear, you have to watch out for those invisible tripping sneakers, backpacks and homework are on the couch, the pantry gets attacked by hungry people, clothes magically end up on the floor even though you have three laundry hampers in the house, and where did those floating hair balls come from?! The house is in shambles again.

But, as small as it seems... that's exactly what you should be thankful for!

If there are clothes and towels on the floor... your family has clothes to wear and water to shower in.

If there are clothes on top of your dryer that need to be put away... you were able to wash your family members clothes so they have clean clothes to wear.

If your bed needs to be made... that means you had a warm bed to sleep in.

If you have clutter on your bathroom counter tops... you have what you need to get ready for the day (simple things like deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)

If you have dishes to clean... you had food to feed your family.

Take time to appreciate the small things in life. The things we would normally take for granted.

If you need a bit of cleaning inspiration click here and here to see a few before and after pictures.

Happy Friday!

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