Sunday, February 14, 2016

Attention! We Have Mommy Panic Mode

Picture this... It's Sunday... Valentine's Day.

I was on my fourth load of laundry, the bed was made, bathrooms were scrubbed down, floors vacuumed.... My aunt had stopped by earlier to get my husband to help her with the Bluetooth thingamabob in here car. She went to my parents house and her and my mom came back to bring left over pizza.

As we were eating pizza, my daughter notifies us that there is a knock at the door. Huh? Are you expecting anyone? Who is it?! She peeks out the window... it's a man. I peek out the window... it's a man... a young one... I'm not answering that. Hubby comes into the living room to answer the door and I hear, "Hello, Mr. Green."

Next thing I see is my daughter jumping off the couch, flying over the coffee table, going out the front door and wrapping her arms around a young gentlemen holding roses, a pink teddy bear and a beautiful box of chocolates.

Then there it was... the smooch! AHHHHHHHH!

She's 15! My baby!

Awwww... well that is so sweet of him to surprise her with Valentine's goodies! Oh wait. How did he know where we live? Do I have pizza in my teeth? Poop... my hair is a mess and I have no makeup on. Does it smell like stinky feet in here from the Parmesan cheese and pizza? There are dishes on the countertop! And Morris has a couple plates on the floor from his snacks! The slipcovers on the couch is a mess! Awww... isn't that cute! They're hugging again... another peck! My daughter is so excited and happy! She really cares for this guy! Morris! Get over here! Quit smelling him! Hey hubby... psst... (as I wave my crazy hand at him) get out of the living room and let them talk.

Hubby goes to sit down at his computer... I lean in and whisper... I don't know what to do with myself. (I then threw myself in my karate chop stance as I told him that I wanted to jump in between them with my fancy move.) Should I finish my pizza? Sit on our bed? Go in the kitchen? I don't want to be a stalker. So after pacing a couple times in our bedroom, while they talked, I sat on my bed and then quickly jumped up as I heard, "Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Green!" I quickly replied, "Bye! Happy Valentine's Day!"

Wow! I wore myself out!

Hubby had to calm me down. "It's okay. She's 15. She's happy. The house is fine. You look fine. Everything's okay. He's not worried about the house. He wants to see her."

Okay. Okay. I'm good. Now, I need a nap...

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