Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What is Your Role as a Wife and Mother?

What is Your Role as a Wife and Mother?

One thing I enjoy doing while I'm cleaning the dishes, making the bed or other household duties is to listen to online broadcasts.

This week... a series called House or Home - Marriage Edition by Chip Ingram from Living on the Edge really spoke to me.

For years, I have been criticized for being a stay at home mom/homemaker. The things people have said to me really made me devalue myself as a wife and mom. All because I didn't have a job outside of our home.

I have prayed... asking God if being a homemaker is what He wanted for me... and cried... prayed some more... cried some more.

Finally.... I feel as if I received my answer! Then I cried again. I cry when I'm happy, sad and mad... I'm overly emotional. I blame the hormones.

This series has been such a blessing to me and has taken such a huge weight off my shoulders. I now know that I made the right decision a little over 15 years ago to stay home with my babies.

But, this series is so much more than that! Chip explains the Biblical perspective on our roles as wives and husbands. It's fantastic!

If you need a little (or big) boost in your relationship with your husband and/or kids, you have to listen!

If you click this link and scroll down, you will see the free teachings for you to listen to. He even included message notes that you can print out and fill in as your are listening.

Many blessings!

What is Your Role as a Wife and Mother? 

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