Thursday, August 25, 2016

Counted Cross Stitch - Previous Projects and Current WIP

My favorite hobby is Cross Stitching. Over the years I have given away and sold many pieces that I have stitched and I so regret not taking pictures of them before letting them go. I've made tooth fairy pillows, jar lid covers, bookmarks and small and large pictures.

You can see a few pieces that I have stitched on my Instagram as well as updates of the current one I'm working on.

A bit about my Cross Stitch habits...
  • My favorite cloth to work with is Aida.
  • My favorite thread is DMC.
  • I use the stabbing technique because the sewing and parking method... I would have a mess.
  • I don't use Cross Stitch needles. I use regular sewing needles because I have a hard time running my finishing thread through on the back with cross stitch needles.
  • I use hoops on larger projects but would love to have a q-snap frame.
  • I purchased a huge lot of DMC thread years ago on eBay and I still have tons left. Plus, I've only had to purchase a few replacements. 
Here is a picture of the current work in progress...

Spring Cross Stitch

Spring Cross Stitch Close Up

It's the Spring pattern from the Seasonal Bouquets booklet by Marjolein Bastin (which I purchased from Hobby Lobby years ago for less than a buck! Woo Hoo!)

Seasonal Bouquets by Marjolein Bastin

Below are a few pictures of past projects. I still need to iron them, but I won't do that until I'm ready to frame them. I'm still sad about not taking pictures of all of them.

Teddy Bear Cross Stitch

Creative Clutter Cross Stitch

Mother's Prayer Quilt Cross Stitch

Sports Cross Stitch

Country Snowman Cross Stitch

White Picket Fence Cross Stitch

Lady Bug Cross Stitch

M is for Mom Cross Stitch

If you are a cross stitcher, I would love for you to link your projects in the comment section. Also, find me on Instagram so I can follow you!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your cross stitch projects.


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