Wednesday, August 31, 2016

FlyLady - Is Her Routine Working for Me?

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FlyLady-Is her routine working for me?

In my post, What is Homemaking?, I mentioned that I would like to read the FlyLady's Book to see if that would help me get on a schedule. Well... I purchased the book and was so enthralled with it, I read it in two days. The second day, I printed up my morning and evening routine as well as my cleaning zones.

How have I been doing with my new cleaning schedule? Well... I'm taking baby steps.

The biggest thing that has helped me was to let my sweet hubby and kids know what I was doing. That I wanted to change the way I clean things and that I need their help. I asked them to make sure they pick up after themselves (which they are pretty good at already), but I really needed their help with the dishes. I let them know that I needed them to rinse their dishes and put them in the... now empty of clean dishes dishwasher... after they use them. Especially after dinner. I take care of the breakfast dishes, though. It has been a huge help and game changer. Not only have they been helping me with the dishes, they help clean off the table after dinner! Amazing! It has definitely made this mama happy!

Okay... on to how I've been doing. I've been keeping the sink clean and unloading the dishwasher in the morning. I've been making my bed every day and washing at least one load of laundry.

Monday. I completed my morning routine (other than my makeup and I wore flip flops... I have an addiction.) as well as my Weekly Home Blessing. Score! Oh! And my evening routine. So... Mostly Double Score!

Tuesday. I had a horrible headache and didn't work on my zone cleaning. But, I did get rid of some of my clothes (which wasn't the zone I was suppose to be working in. Sigh...) I did get my morning routine done, but I wore flip flops...again. See? Addiction. Half score!?

Today. I've completed my morning routine as well as my zone cleaning for this week! Double Score!

In her book, she lists detailed cleaning lists. I changed up a few things to fit our home and will probably change a few of them again. Click here to see my routines and weekly home blessing lists.

Overall, the FlyLady has helped me so much. I've read several organizing/cleaning books and did absolutely nothing but fall back into my old routine after reading them. This one. It's different for some reason. I'm loving the new routine and cleaning schedules. I'm excited to get them done and it has made me happier! Excited to clean? Me? Who woulda thunk it?!

If you would like to purchase her book through Amazon, you can click the picture below.

FlyLady-Is her routine working for me?

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