Friday, September 16, 2016

15 Tips to Become a More Productive Homemaker

As homemakers, we can often feel overwhelmed or feel like we have a never ending to do list. Do you ever find yourself thinking... Where do I start?

At the end of the day do you feel like you didn't get enough done? Do you feel unproductive at times?

Believe me when I say... as moms, wives and women in general... we have all been there. We all have days where we struggle with taking care of our home. I have days when I would love nothing more than to stay curled up in bed with a good book or work on cross stitch all day.

One of my biggest hurdles is procrastination. But, once I get going, I can get things done.

I hope these 15 tips will help you to be a more productive homemaker.

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* Get dressed all the way to your shoes. You will get more done. It may sound kind of silly, but when I'm dressed for the day and have my shoes on... I actually get more done. If I'm in my jammies and house slippers, I have no energy and I procrastinate all day.

* Keep up with the dishes. There is nothing like waking up to a clean kitchen. Am I right? When the kitchen is dirty it can make the rest of your home feel untidy which can affect your mood. Plus, it's super hard to make a meal with last nights spaghetti staring at you.

* Keep up with the laundry. Do at least one full load of laundry a day. Wash. Dry. Put it away. If laundry is laying around or there is an overflowing laundry hamper it can make your home feel untidy. When there is laundry to do, it can sometimes affect my mood because I feel like there is something unfinished that I need to take care of.

* Menu planning. Try to have a plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you have meals planned out, you know exactly what you will be making for dinner. Not only will it keep you from stressing over getting dinner ready for your family, but it will save you money because you won't be ordering pizza for dinner.

* Grocery shop once a week. Once you have planned out your menu, choose one day a week to go to the grocery store to purchase the things your family needs. This will save you time and money.

* Run errands once a week. If you choose one day a week to run all of your errands, it will save you time and gas money.

* Clean out the clutter. You can donate unwanted items or have a yard sale to make extra money... just get rid of it. More stuff = more stress. This will make it easier for you to put items away and keep your home clean.

* Get rid of or file paperwork. Bills, junk mail, school stuff, etc. can pile up fast. If you can't go through the paperwork daily... try to do it at least once a week.

* Organize. After the clutter is gone... organize your belongings by making sure everything in your home has a place. If you like, you can purchase storage containers from the dollar store or use boxes and containers that you have on hand.

* Tidy up daily. Quickly walk through your home in the evening before bed and put away items that are left out. Do a quick sweep in the kitchen. It makes a big difference.

* Unload the dishwasher in the morning. Having an empty dishwasher to put dirty dishes in throughout the day helps your kitchen to stay clean. Plus, less dishes for you to do in the evening. Bonus!

* Follow the Monday - Friday rule. Of course, you will be cooking and cleaning dishes on the weekend, but try to save your main homemaking tasks (laundry, mopping, errand running, etc.) for the weekdays. Use your Saturdays and Sundays for family and faith.

* Keep a planner, calendar or notepad handy. Doctors appointments, cleaning schedule, to do list, a verse you want to remember, a bill you need to pay... write these down to help you stay on task. I tend to forget things if I don't write them down and this really helps me.

* Realize that you can't do it all in one day. Take baby steps. Start with making your bed everyday and unloading your dishwasher. Then add a load of laundry a day. After that you can start decluttering your home. Baby steps.

* Take time for you. Work on your favorite hobby. Read your Bible. Read a book. Paint your nails. Something that you enjoy. You have to take time for yourself.

If you have any tips, I would love for you to leave them in the comment section.

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15 Tips to Become a More Productive Homemaker

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