Monday, November 7, 2016

Faith Filled Action: Don't Flee

Many of us are proud of our vehicles and try to take care of them so that they last several years. Plus, we put a lot of money into them. It's crazy how expensive cars are nowadays and it's frustrating when other people are so careless around them.

Doesn't it aggravate you when you park your car in a parking lot and you come out of the store and see that someone slammed their car door into yours leaving a nice scratch and dent?

Have you ever had someone back into your car or let a shopping cart roll and smack right into it?

Does that person wait around to apologize to you and offer their insurance or at least leave a note for you to contact them?

Have you fled the scene after you damaged another person's car?

A few years ago a man lost control of the truck he was driving on the street where my parents home is. The truck ended up in my parents yard and slammed into the tree in their front yard. Thank God, my mother was already in the house from taking their dog out and hadn't walked back outside to leave for work.

Then, it happened again. My parents were inside their home and heard a crash. When they came outside they found another man had crashed the truck he was driving into their fence and hit my dad's truck which pushed his truck into my mom's car. The truck the man was driving ended up in the front of their house near the stop sign.

Both of these men were traveling at a high rate of speed and both of them fled the scene.

Not only did they flee, neither of them had insurance and my parents had to use their insurance to cover the cost of repairs. Plus, they had to deal with being without their vehicles at the same time while they were being repaired, deal with the cost and time to repair their fence and clean up around their home.

That doesn't seem very fair does it.

We all make mistakes and bad decisions. But, it's what we do with those bad choices that makes a difference. We can't flee. We have to try to fix our mistakes. It may not be the outcome that we would like, but what matters most is doing the right thing.

What would you have done in the above situation?

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