Friday, November 11, 2016

Faith Filled Action: Say Please and Thank You

Faith Filled Action - Say Please and Thank You

There are two things that I thought would be important to teach my children. How to say please and thank you. It's a sign of respect.

It bothers me when someone says "Get that for me." or never says "Thank You" for doing things for them. It's just common courtesy.

Imagine if your boss always told you to get and do things for him instead of asking. I'm not saying that he needs to say please all of the time, but it's nice to hear it some of the time. It also depends on the tone of voice used. There is a difference between "Can you fax this for me, please?" and "Hey, fax this for me." Right? It can come off as disrespectful and rude.

What if you go to work and go above and beyond what is required of you? Your job is to speak with incoming clients, answer the telephone, file paperwork and set up appointments. However, you also make sure there is warm coffee and you quickly tidy up the office in the mornings before the busy day starts. But, your boss never says thank you. In fact, he just expects it.

It is important that we say please and thank you in our daily lives as we come across other people, but especially when it comes to our husbands, children and family. After all, those are the ones closest to us. We want to make them feel important, that we respect them, and appreciate the things they do for us.

Say thank you when a person holds the door open for you.

Say thank you when your husband stops by the store to pick up a couple of things.

Say thank you to your children when they do their chores.

Say please when you ask people to do things for you.

Have you said please and thank you today?

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Faith Filled Action - Say Please and Thank You

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