Thursday, December 8, 2016

Faith Filled Action: Do Not Interrupt Others

Shhh - Don't Interrupt

When I was a young girl I always got in trouble for interrupting my parents when they were on the phone. I felt that what I had to say was so important that I had to tell them right away and it couldn't wait. And every.single.time I got in trouble I felt like I was bothering them and they didn't care what I had to say. But, I just didn't understand that I was being rude and impatient.

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and the other person will not let you speak? They only want you to hear what they are saying? They just talk, and talk, and talk without letting you say a word?

When you are talking to someone and they respond to you, do you sometimes feel like they weren't actually listening? Almost as if they were thinking about what they wanted to say instead?

I have to admit... I have issues in this area. I try very hard not to interrupt others when they are speaking and sometimes I jump right in the conversation when I shouldn't. However, I have a terrible time not getting aggravated when I am being talked over continuously or when I'm working on something that I feel is important and get interrupted. I mean seriously. It can get bad. You know... the whole huffing and a snippy answer back thing.

Interrupting others is a sign of disrespect and it's rude. There is really no nice way to put it.

It's a way of saying, "I don't really care what you are talking about. I have something to say and I want you to listen now."

Most of the time when people interrupt it's not that they are trying to be rude or disrespectful. I think we just get excited about getting in the conversation. Or if we have a hard time remembering what we were going to say, we may jump right in before we forget.

We have to be patient. We have to be good listeners.

Sometimes... it's more important to listen to someone than to give our thoughts.

Do you catch yourself interrupting others when they are talking?

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Faith Filled Action: Do Not Interrupt Others 

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