Thursday, December 29, 2016

Faith Filled Action: Do Not Steal

Have you had anything stolen from you?

My parents have had lawn mowers, tools, fishing poles, audio speakers and several other items stolen from them over the years. The sad thing is they rarely get any of the items back or never find the people that took their belongings.

When I watch the news or read a news feed on Facebook and see that a convenience store has been robbed or a bank has been robbed, it really bothers me.

Quick story. We had a neighbor that actually went to jail for robbing and attacking a man. He met with another man to purchase a pair of shoes that he contacted through Craigslist and did this horrible thing to him. Thankfully, the guy wasn't hurt worse and they found who committed the crime.

I can't imagine how this guy must feel. Will he ever trust people again? Will he ever get over being attacked for a pair of shoes?

When you think of the word thief what comes to your mind? A bank robber? A person who robbed someone's home?

Have you taken anything from your employer? A pen. A notepad? Paper clips?

That's stealing too. Those are not free for taking. They are free for using... at work.

Now, it's a different story if your boss says you are welcome to take home the extra items, but it's stealing if you just take them without asking permission.

It doesn't matter if we take something that is big or small.

Stealing is taking something that is not ours and stealing is just not okay!

It affects everyone involved. If a family has their home broken into and their belongings stolen, it is an invasion of their privacy and it will make them feel uncomfortable in their own home. If a business is broken into it can take away the dream of having that business for the owner. It's usually not about the money or value of things. It hits them personally.

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