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Joyce Meyer - The Bibles I Use to Help Strengthen My Walk With God

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Bibles I Use to Help Strengthen My Walk With God

When I was a young girl, I received a Children's Bible that I absolutely adored and I still have it. I loved looking at all the pictures that were included with the stories. As a teen, my friend gave me a "grown up" Bible and I had a super hard time understanding the verses. I didn't really get the meaning behind them.

A few years ago, I read that Joyce Meyer released her Everyday Life Amplified Bible and I was so excited to purchase it. I can't even begin to tell you how much it has helped me understand the Bible. There are words added in the text that help give you the true meaning of what the verse is about.

Joyce Meyer Everday Life Bible

But her Bible goes even further!

Each book of the Bible has an introduction that has Joyce's thoughts and explanations on how it fits your everyday life.

There are "Everyday Life Articles" that contain her teachings to help you apply biblical truths to your life such as...

"Realize that not everything you want is best for you. Ask God for what you want, but always be willing to change if you discover that you are not in agreement with God's will."

She included "Life Points" which are short comments from Joyce.

Throughout the Bible there are sections on "Putting the Word to Work" to help you along.

Also, included are verses throughout that have been adapted into prayer.

Her Bible has helped me so much that as soon as I heard that her Battlefield of the Mind Bible was available... I told my husband that I would love to have it and he surprised me with it. He's such a sweetheart!

Joyce Meyer Battlefield of the Mind Bible

This Bible is based off her book Battlefield of the Mind and helps with worry, doubt, anger, your feelings and more.

There are also book introductions and prayers in this version, but also included is...Winning the Battles of the Mind, Keys to a Victorious Life, Power Points and more. Plus, there are beautiful pictures throughout.

Here is an example of Winning the Battles of the Mind...

"Do you want to be peaceful, guarded by God, and satisfied? Then realize that it begins with the thoughts that you choose to think. Your mind is connected to every feeling you have and every action you take."

I'm so thankful to have these two Bibles to help me strengthen my walk with God.

Do you use an amplified Bible to help you?

Joyce Meyer Bibles 

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