Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Homemaking Role Model - My Granny

My Homemaking Role Model is My Granny 

From the time I was a young girl up until I was about sixteen years old, I spent a couple of weeks in the summer with my grandparents. My grandparents both passed away in 2015 and I often think about my Granny. I miss her prayers. I miss her teaching me about the Word of God. I miss her pecan pies. And, of course, I miss special moments with my Papaw as well.

This is my Granny and Papaw 

I have many special memories with them such as going to Six Flags and visiting the beach in Galveston. However, the most special memories are those I have of my Granny as a homemaker.

This is my wonderful Granny

God, her family, and home was her priority and it showed.

  • She always had my favorite Oatmeal Cream Pies when I would visit in the summer.
  • She taught Sunday Bible school and always had talks with me about our Lord.
  • She played games with me. Her favorite was Scrabble and Dominoes.
  • Her and my grandfather would take me swimming.
  • She shopped yard sales for deals and would always share the items she purchased with us. (I still have a dresser, bowls, pots, pans and glasses that she gave us.)
  • She always made her famous Pecan Pies and cinnamon/sugar crust.
  • She had her laundry day and my granny is the one that taught me how to fold a fitted sheet.
  • Her dishes were always clean.
  • Meals were always home-cooked by her and I only remember going out to eat once.
  • Her favorite place to shop was a store several miles away that had products with damaged packaging and was marked down super cheap. (I remember her getting me a box of cereal that tasted like soap... which is such a funny memory now.)
  • I went with her a few times to visit her friend that was in a home for the elderly to deliver a goodie bag that she had for her.
  • Her home was always clean and organized. For organization, she used whatever containers she had on hand.
  • Every.single.time my mom and I went to visit we ended up coming home with a truck load or car load full of food and items for our home. 

Her favorite thing.

A couple of months before her passing, I had the chance to ask her, "What was your favorite part about being a homemaker?" Her answer... "Getting to sit down." We both giggled and agreed.

She is one of my role models. I would love to be the woman she was. I would love to care for those in our community the way she did. I would love to take care of my family and home the way she did. You could tell she cherished her life and those around her. She was an amazing woman!

Do you have someone that you look up to as a role model for homemaking?

All about my homemaking role model. 

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