Friday, June 2, 2017

Completed Cross Stich: Hydrangea and Let It Bee... Plus... My New Project

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Counted Cross Stitch - Finished and New Projects 
I'm excited for this summer and hoping to get a lot more cross stitch projects and organizing done. Morris has already been helping me with my tasks. Well, helping me by begging for my attention and destroying toilet paper so that I had something else to do...

 Silly Cat

Shredded Toilet Paper - Silly Cat

I adore my two most recent finishes. I just need to iron and frame them. Which I'm definitely a procrastinator at. I love stitching, but ironing and framing... not so much.

Hydrangea Counted Cross Stitch

Back in January I started the Hydrangea Cross Stitch Pattern by Paula Vaughn and I finally completed it a few weeks ago.

I have to be honest here. This one drove me a bit crazy. I love how it turned out, but having to change colors so often and using two different colored threads together for most of the stitching. Ugh.

Hydrangea Counted Cross Stitch 
Counted Cross Stitch - Hydrangea Project

The pattern is for a pillow and is based on using three threads, but I only used two since I stitched it on 14 count Aida cloth and I am going to frame it.

You can see the progress as I stitched the Hydrangea here and here.

Let It Bee

As soon as I finished the Hydrangea piece, I started working on this Let It Bee floral piece by Dimensions. I wanted to work on a small project before starting another big one.

Let It Bee... Floral Counted Cross Stitch Completed 

This one was quick to stitch and I love the colors.

The only thing is... I've never been fond of patterns that look like they have missing stitches. If you look closely at the edges of the flower and dragonfly you can see. I believe this is done to have a more accurate picture of the finished piece, but I tend to choose patterns that look more filled in.

Let It Bee - Counted Cross Stitch Flower 
Let It Bee Dragonfly Cross Stitch

However, I love the way this piece turned out and I think it's super cute!

My New Project

I have been keeping my eye on this Indian Peacock by Dimensions for months. I have really enjoyed stitching it so far and I don't want to put it down once I start stitching.

WIP - Indian Peacock - Cross Stitch 
WIP - Indian Peacock Cross Stitch Close Up
Close View of Indian Peacock Counted Cross Stitch

I'm excited to see this one finished!

If you're a stitcher, I would love for you to share your latest project in the comment section by leaving a link.

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