Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Change Your Cleaning Perspective

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Change Your Cleaning Perspective - Bedroom 

Cleaning your home each and every day can seem mundane and repetitive. I have definitely struggled with my daily to do list. Especially the ones that need to be done over and over again. How can we change our cleaning perspective?

Do Everything Unto the Lord

Instead of looking at your to do list and dreading all that you have to get done, look at it as a blessing and a way to show the Lord you appreciate what He has given you. Laundry is a blessing because your family has clothes to wear. Dishes are a blessing because your family had food to eat. Making the bed is a blessing because you had a nice, comfortable place to lay your head. When you take care of those items it's a way to show how grateful you are to have those.

Look at Cleaning as a Gift to Your Family

Instead of looking at it as a chore or just another thing that you have to take care of, try to see cleaning as a way that you are blessing your home and family. You are helping them get ready for the day by making sure they have clothes for school and work. You are also making sure they are comfortable and fed.

Delight in Being the Keeper of Your Home

You are not only blessing your family, but those who come into your home as well. How does it make you feel when unexpected company comes over and the house is a mess? Isn't it a sense of relief and joy when you don't have to worry about that? Doesn't it make you feel great when your family comes home after a long day and says the house looks and smells great?! If you are having a day where you don't feel like cleaning, think of the happiness it brings to not only you, but to others as well.

Remember That the Lord Sees Your Services

Even if your family doesn't notice what you have done each day and thinks the magical fairies wash the laundry and clean up the dust bunnies, the Lord sees your services. He knows what you have done and he sees how much you appreciate your family, home and belongings.

Change Your Cleaning Perspective - Kitchen 

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