Saturday, April 6, 2019

Completed Cross Stitch Projects

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The last time I posted about my Cross Stitch projects, I was just beginning a large peacock piece and I've completed several more since then. I'm getting close to finishing my current project and I have been sharing all of these on my Facebook page.

I love how this Indian Peacock turned out! I'm still looking the perfect frame.

Indian Peacock Cross Stitch

I wanted something quick to stitch after my large peacock piece, so I stitched up these cuties. They are super small and I haven't figured out what to do with them, yet. The patterns can be found in the Ultimate Cross Stitch Birds book.

Silly Birds Cross Stitch

I really enjoyed stitching this Be Joyful piece. It's already hanging on our wall. I lost a few beads in the process of stitching so I'm glad they included plenty!

Be Joyful Cross Stitch

This next piece is titled The Woods Behind My House. I think this one is beautiful, but... I did not like the thread that came with this kit. It broke quite frequently on me while stitching. Overall, I did enjoy stitching it, though.

The Woods Behind My House Cross Stitch

I have the next pieces hanging in our kitchen. In the magazine, there is a set of four, but I only stitched three of them. I think they are super cute, but I would have liked a bit more backstitching to make them pop. These are found in the August Issue of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Drinks Cross Stitch

I had my eye on this Mason Jar pattern for a while. I have also framed this one and it's hanging in our kitchen. This kit came with a hoop, but I chose to frame it instead.

Mason Jar Flowers Cross Stitch

Once I stitched the large peacock, I had to get the kit for this smaller blue peacock.

Small Peacock Cross Stitch

Last but not least, I stitched these beautiful roses and gave them to my mother as a gift. My sweet hubby painted the frame for me. This one is titled Rose Cuttings by Dimensions.

Rose Cuttings Cross Stitch
If you have current or past Cross Stitch projects, I would love for you to leave a link in the comment section so I can take a look!

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