Wednesday, April 3, 2019


There has been so much that has happened since the last time I wrote a blog post almost 2 years ago. I took an extended break because... to be honest... I was overwhelmed. I started working part time and we had a lot of family things happening. I simply could not handle it all.

I wouldn't say that things have calmed down, but I have really missed my blog and I want to try it again. But... this time, it will more than likely, be a bit different. I think I will be focusing more on daily life instead of article based. I will be posting more about my Cross Stitch projects as well. I think if I focus more on those things, it won't be as stressful for me.

These are a few things that has happened during the almost 2 years that I've been away....

  • My son graduated high school (my daughter is graduating this year)
  • My son attended prom (they both will go this year)
  • We had a terrible hail storm that damaged all of our vehicles
  • Our niece lived with us for a couple of weeks
  • There has been job changes
  • College and scholarship applications
  • Both of my children being involved in relationships
  • Fixing things around the house
  • Lots of cupcakes and cross stitching
  • And Morris has been quite helpful as well
Morris "helping" me work.
Morris "helping" wash bedding, protect my daughters shoes, shred paper towels and keep my seat warm.

Morris "helping" wrap gifts.
Morris "helping" fold towels, make the bed and letting us know that the light is too bright.
He's not really helping here, but he is definitely letting us know that he does not like his leg warmers.

I'm excited to start blogging again and I hope that you will join me!

God bless!

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