Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Completed Cross Stitch, Prom and A New Start

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Happily Ever After Cross Stitch
I've been working on my cross stitch projects as much as I can the last couple of months. With so much going on, I definitely need the distraction because I'm very much an over thinker and I cause myself to overly worry. This is the only way I have found that truly helps me to relax and take my mind off things.

I wanted something quick to complete before I started a more detailed piece. What drew me to this piece was the heart shape and the fonts used. I purchased this pattern off of Etsy and it originally had black and red colors, but I wanted this piece to match the colors in our master bedroom. I went with a variegated blue floss, a darker blue and a dark grey. This pattern can be purchased for only $4.95!! If I stitch this pattern again, I would like to do a few more different colors.

You Are My Happily Ever After Cross Stitch

My daughter attended prom last weekend and I love this color green on her! She had a great time and I'm so happy that she was able to experience going to prom. It was a very special moment for me to help her get ready for prom. I'm so blessed to have been able to be part of her special day. I think she looked absolutely beautiful! You can see more pictures on my Instagram.
My Daughter <3

I've also started this super adorable Cross Stitch piece. It has my favorite food. Desserts! I had been eyeing this one for some time. There are so many adorable patterns and I have a hard time controlling how much I spend on them, but there are so many on Etsy that I can't wait to purchase!

Dessert Counted Cross Stitch

I hope you have a great week!

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