Thursday, June 27, 2019

My Top 10 Favorite Tools For Cross Stitch

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My favorite hobby for over 20 years has been Cross Stitch. I've dabbled in sewing, painting and other types of crafts, but I always come right back to Cross Stitch. There are several tools that you can use, but I have a few favorites that I would like to share.

Pattern Holder. I have tried the cardboard pattern holder that is offered at most craft stores, but it wouldn't hold it's shape and would fall over. My absolute favorite has been a recipe book holder that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond. Here is the exact one listed on Amazon.

Recipe Book Holder

Magnetic Board. On my recipe book holder, I also have this magnetic board to hold my pattern in place. I've used mine for years.

Magnetic Board

Thread Box. I use several of these boxes to store my thread in. It's the only thing that I have found that keeps my thread easily accessible and organized.

Thread Storage Boxes

Q-Snap Frame. Within the past few months, I switched from hoops to a q-snap frame. I absolutely love it because it does not leave deep marks on my fabric like hoops tend to do. I also think they are much easier to use, but some people still prefer their hoops. And that's okay. :)

Q-Snap Frame

Small Scissors. Using a small pair of scissors to snip threads is the way to go!

Sharp Fine Tip Scissors

A Bright Lamp. My mother purchased a lamp for me last year similar to the one below and I don't know how I ever stitched without it. It has a low and high setting, but I always use it on high and it's super bright.

DayLight Lamp

Needle Minders. Lost needles are no fun! With two kiddos and a cat, I was always worried about dropping my needle in the chair, couch or on the floor. Needle minders are made to use on top of your fabric, but I place mine on the metal bar that's on the recipe holder and it works perfectly!

Butterfly Needle Minders

Binder Clips. I use large binder clips to hold my extra fabric out of the way. Many people use grime cards as well. I haven't came across another type of clips to hold my fabric as of yet, but these work great!

Pastel Binder Clips
Glass Jar. Also called an Ort Jar which is used to hold your thread clippings. Before I purchased a jar to store my clippings in, I would put them in a pile on the table next to me and throw them away when I was done stitching for the day. They would end up on the floor every.single.time. This way threads are kept nice and tidy in one spot.

Colored Glass Jars

Bobbins. You will need lots and lots of bobbins if you choose to store your thread in the boxes mentioned above. I prefer the cardboard bobbins instead of the plastic ones because I reuse mine for different colors. There are number stickers that you can purchase, but I the cardboard ones are easy to write a new number on.

Floss Bobbins

What are your favorite stitching tools?

Top Favorite Tools for Cross Stitch

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