Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cross Stitch WIP and Adorable Kitchen Towels

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Last week my hubby and I took a trip to the Dollar Tree across town and picked up a few things. We have one a couple minutes away from us, but the one we went to last week is much larger. We picked up a few items such as medicine, cat food, cleaning supplies, a couple of fall plaques and these super cute kitchen towels.

Adorable Kitchen Towels

I visited their website to see if they had these particular towels available, but they didn't have the refrigerator towel available. They do have the blue/green towels that I purchased along with other super cute towels. Some of the available designs are Halloween, Fall, Kitchen Sentiments, Coffee and more. There is a required purchase of one case, but some of them have a set with different prints or you can give them away as gifts.

We also found this cute coffee cup plaque for my mom to use on her desk at work.

Coffee Cup Plaque

KraftsbyKatelyn has a tutorial on her super cute farmhouse fall sign that she made using the coffee cup. She is so talented!

Last but not least is my Cross Stitch WIP. I'm working on one of the kits I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby called Mini Fruity Popsicles by Artiste. I thought I would be able to stitch this one up quickly because of the size, but it's quite detailed. I think it's turning out to be super cute!

Fruity Popsicles Cross Stitch

I hope you're having a great week!

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