Monday, December 30, 2019

Looking Forward to 2020

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2019 has been something else. My family has had may ups and downs. My daughter finished her first semester of her bachelor's degree and made the Dean's List! She also had testing to receive her manager's certificate for her job... which is awesome! We had a water leak that took about 2 months to get fixed... we will know for sure on our next water bill. My dad had his 3rd knee replacement surgery. There's been job happenings. Parts on vehicles needing to be fixed. Many other things and all the holidays.

I'm definitely looking forward to 2020. Scared... but ready.

While we're waiting on 2020, I wanted to share a few pics with you...

Morris got one of his Christmas presents early and I would say.... he's quite happy with it.

Morris' Christmas Gift

I think he was pretty happy with his delivery from Chewy as well!

Morris' Delivery from Chewy

But then... I got up for 2 seconds and he stole my chair...

Cozy Morris

Decided he should get on the kitchen counter until I fed him...

Morris Being Trouble

And randomly stare at the wall to freak me out...

Morris Randomly Staring

I've only been stitching about once a week and I'm hoping to make more time to stitch. But, here is an update on my current project. It's called Kitten in the Window by Dimensions.

Kitten in the Window Dimensions Cross Stitch

I hope you have have a great ending to 2019 and beginning of 2020!!

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