A bit about me:

My name is Angela and I've been a homemaker for 20 years. I've been married to my sweet husband for 23 years. We have two children (son 22 and daughter 20) and live in the super humid, fry your eggs on the sidewalk in the summer Texas. I would love to live in Montana and visit Hawaii!

Before I became a full time homemaker, I worked as a cashier, office clerk, order puller for a medical supply company, a picture sorter for a well known photography company and a secretary/office clerk for my father's auto repair shop.

If I'm not blogging, you will find me curled up on the couch working on a cross stitch project while catching up on Real Housewives or watching the Hallmark channel, stalking Facebook or browsing Instagram. That, of course, is after my other daily duties are mostly taken care of. I have a procrastination problem.

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A bit about Mr. Morris:

13 1/2 years ago, the hubby and I wanted to surprise our kids with a kitten. We went to our local Humane Society and found our Mr. Morris. Who could pass up this precious little guy?!

We wanted a kitten so that he/she could grow up around and get used to two littles wreaking havoc in the house and wouldn't be scared. Little did we know that he would be so "human".

Even though Morris gets into places where he doesn't belong (in cabinets, on top of cabinets, caught eating plants, tearing up furniture, etc.) he is such a sweetheart and great with the kids. Unless you count the times where the kids are playing with him and get him aggravated and then he starts chasing them around the house trying to jump on their legs and bite them by wrapping his legs around them... then... well, they started it (Is that the longest sentence ever? Or what?).

But really... he is so laid back and has his own little personality. He is also a great helper... as you can see throughout the pictures on my blog.

He gets his daily "snack" every morning and will literally whine if he can't find the kids or hubby when they leave for the day. If a bedroom door is closed, he will lay by it until someone lets him in. He's spoiled rotten! But, he absolutely does not like to wear outfits.

I hope you enjoy the cute pictures that I share of him. You can see all the posts that include him by clicking here.

Thanks so much for visiting! 


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